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Yohan and Gina

"Gran Caribe Bakery"

Yohan is a Pastry Chef from Cuba with an eye for perfection and a passion for baking. A graduated of Nationwide School of Hospitality and Tourism, Yohan Leon began his career in 1996 working for many different hospitality firms in Varadero, Cuba.

Gina Gonzalez is an Architect graduated of Technological University of Havana, her love for baking began in Cuba while working at a designing firm , when her best friend mentioned that she would be making a cake for her daughter's birthday party but had no idea how to begin, Gina suggested that she could help. She soon discovered her talent for baking. 

Yohan and Gina founded Gran Caribe Bakery a one manned online bakery that specializes in custom cakes and desserts. All their products are created with love, passion and quality ingredients. They are very passionate about their craft because after all the best part of any celebration is the CAKE!

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